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  • Seminarios del Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba

Ciclo de Seminarios 2020 sobre Formación y Evolución Estelar y Planetaria del Área de Astrofísica Estelar del Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba.

Próximo Seminario: jueves 1 de octubre, 18hs.

Título: Fenómenos atípicos en las estrellas tempranas de secuencia principal.

Disertante: Dr. Federico González - ICATE-CONICET - FCEFyN - UNSJ


Consultas y/o inquietudes sobre este tema: Dra. Mercedes Gomez (


  • Dark Skies for Astronomy and Society Workshop - 3rd Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

It is with our pleasure that we invite you to participate in the  IAU/UN/IAC "Dark and Quiet Skies for Science and Society" (D&QS) 
Workshop to take place 5 - 9 October from 15 hr UT to 17 hr UT each day, with Thursday going to 18 hr UT. Enclosed you will find an announcement with more details about the purpose and scope, programme and registration. The first hour will be on presentations from one of the five working groups each day, focusing on topics of radio astronomy, observational astronomy, dark skies oases, bio-environment and satellite constellations. The second hour will be devoted to discussion.

Please note that the format of this Workshop is somehow different from the usual ones in that its "proceedings" are distributed in a draft document that will go out to all registrants on Oct. 2nd. Therefore, we encourage you to attend and lend your voice and valuable input as part of the discussion during the last hour of every day. Remarks from the discussion will be part of the next draft of reports.

Best regards,
Connie Walker, co-chair of the D&QS Workshop, IAU President of B7
Simonetta Di Pippo, co-chair of the D&QS Workshop, Director of UNOOSA
Jose Miguel Espinosa, IAU AGS

3rd Announcement


  • Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y del Gas

-3° Encuentro - Antesala 4° Congreso de Integridad y Corrosión en la Industria del Petróleo y del Gas - 30 de septiembre.
Actualizado el 25/09/2020