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  • Novedades sobre miembros activos de IAU

Recently the IAU Executive Committee has decided to revise the policy relative to "active members". The previous policy that after 10 years of inactivity, a member's profile is removed from the public list has now be replaced by the decision that inactive members will be removed after more than 3 years of inactivity. The revision of the policy was actually requested by several National Members to be more reactive, and is fully in line with the general IAU cycle of 3 years.

Therefore, now inactive members will be removed after more than 3 years of inactivity (

Note that Inactive member means that either a member is retired, has no active email address (for IAU communications and for voting) and/or is not a member of at least 1 IAU Division. If any members wish to become Active at any point they may do so.

Thank you very much for your continued efforts in supporting the IAU.

Madeleine Smith-Spanier


  • IAU Early Career Astronomer (ECA) Online Discourse Series

The IAU Working Group of Junior Members is organizing an exciting set of events for the IAU Junior Members, but which is accessible to other astronomers that may be interested. The IAU WG of JMs proudly presents the IAU Early Career Astronomer (ECA) Online Discourse Series. This virtual series will contain career discussions in academia and industry, multifaceted science highlights, professional development trainings, and more. All will be tailored to the community of early career astronomers. The kick-off line up has 4 scheduled events and full descriptions are provided in the attachment.

IAU ECA Online Discourse Series



Se presentaron formalmente los NAECs (Nodo Nacional para la Educación de la Astronomía-Argentina) en la reunion de la IAU, denominada Second Shaw-IAU Workshop on Astronomy for Education.
La presentación tienen formato exhibición, y el video que muestra a nuestro pais esta en:


  • IAU e-Newsletter - Volume 2020 n°8


  • Reporte anual de la IAU-OAD

Estimados, pueden encontrar el reporte anual (2019-2020) de la Oficina para el desarrollo de la Astronomía de la IAU en el siguiente link:

Actualizado el 23/10/2020