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  • 2021-2022 Applications Open for Intake of New Individual and Junior Members

Applications are now open for the intake of new Individual Members and Junior Members of the IAU. The timelines for application submission, review and admission run concurrently for Individual and Junior Members.

IAU Individual Membership
Eligible candidates for IAU Individual Membership are professional scientists conducting research that is directly related to astronomy. Those researchers admitted as IAU Members by the Executive Committee will be affiliated to at least one Division.

IAU Junior Membership
Eligible candidates for IAU Junior Membership are junior scientists in the initial phase of a research career with the prospect of becoming a professional researcher in astronomy. For this round of applications, candidates must have completed their PhD studies in any field of astronomy between 2016 and 2021. Admission by the Executive Committee as a Junior Member will be for a maximum period of six years.

The timeline for the 2021-2022 application reviewal and admission of Individual and Junior Membership is as follows:

-1 October 2021: invitation to the Presidents of the IAU National Committee for Astronomy (NCA) or Adhering Organisation (AO) (whichever applies) and Division Presidents (whenever there is no NCA or AO) to contact their national community or prospective candidates asking to submit applications for IAU Membership.
-15 December 2021: deadline to accept applications for IAU Membership. Late proposals will not be taken into consideration.
-15 February 2022: deadline for the respective NCAs and Adhering Organisations to review applications and to send the General Secretary the lists of proposed candidate IAU Members together with the relevant referees' assessments. These lists will subsequently be reviewed by the Membership Committee.
-31 March 2022: deadline for the Membership Committee to review the lists of proposed candidate IAU Members and to send the General Secretary the final list of proposed IAU Members.
-April 2022: the final list of proposed IAU Members will be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval during its meeting in April 2021.
-May 2022: accepted IAU Individual and Junior Members announced.

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  • Próximas Reuniones Científicas
Información sobre reuniones científicas, fechas y plazos:
  • The IAU has admitted 11 new Honorary Members

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  • IAU- Pro-Am WG Survey de asociaciones amateur en America Latina y Caribe


En la reunión de abril del Comité Ejecutivo de la IAU-EC105, el CE acordó establecer un nuevo Grupo de Trabajo para fomentar las futuras relaciones profesionales-aficionados entre los astrónomos profesionales miembros de la IAU y la gran comunidad de astrónomos aficionados en todo el mundo. Esta iniciativa está de acuerdo con los objetivos del Plan Estratégico de la IAU, 2020-30, y también es consistente con los propósitos de la Oficina de la IAU para la Difusiøn de la Astronomía en Tokio.
Este comité está liderado por John Hearnshaw (Nueva Zelanda) y ya ha mantenido una primera reunión de organización y próximamente otras para avanzar en los objetivos.
El propósito de este mensaje es invitarlos a completar el siguiente frormulario que intenta crear las bases para registrar formalmente las Asociaciones Amateur y establecer contacto con ellas.

En las próximas semanas les haremos llegar más información
Muchas gracias por su cooperación!
Un saludo cordial

Beatriz García
Phone Movil: 54 9 261 5070816


  • New agreement signed for the Office for Astronomy Outreach

The IAU is delighted to announce that it has signed a new agreement with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) for the continued operation and expansion of the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO). This new agreement not only renews the previous one, but also significantly increases the OAO's funding and capacity.

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  • First OAE-supporting Center Founded in Italy

The IAU is delighted to announce the founding of a new Center in Italy which will support the Office of Astronomy for Education (OAE). The OAE Center Italy is the exciting first step towards an extensive network of OAE Centers, and smaller institutions called OAE Nodes, to be set up across the world. This Center is a collaboration between the IAU, the OAE and the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF), Italy's national Center for astrophysics. INAF is a well-established partner of the IAU, having hosted the first non-English edition of the IAU astroEDU platform since 2017.
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