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  • The Tenth Issue of the IAU Catalyst is Now Available Online

Dear IAU Members,

In issue 10 of the IAU Catalyst, the first edition of this year, we offer a glimpse of what the IAU community can expect in 2024, as well as reviewing some of the highlights of 2023. Looking forward to the XXXII IAU General Assembly (, IAU president Debra Elmegreen extends a warm invitation for us all to ‘Come to the General Assembly in Cape Town!’, while Kevin Govender, Chair of the Local Organising Committee for the event, gives us important updates on ‘Embracing a New Era at IAU General Assembly 2024 in Africa’. Piero Benvenuti also provides ‘A Message from the New Interim General Secretary’.

Elsewhere in the issue, Ignacio Ferreras, Commission J1 Secretary, discusses the new series of online talks on Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions. For this edition’s Science Focus, Alemiye Mamo, Chair of the IAU Symposium 386, presents an overview of The IAU Symposium 386 on ‘Dark Sky and Astronomical Heritage in Boosting Astro-tourism Around the Globe’ Report.

The edition also includes ‘Highlights on the IAU Inter-Commission B2-B5 Working Group on Laboratory Astrophysics Data Compilation, Validation and Standardisation: from the Laboratory to FAIR Usage in the Astronomical Community’, provided by Marie-Lise Dubernet, Chair of the IAU Inter-Commission B2-B5 WG and Fatemeh Tabatabaei, Chair of the Scientific Organising Committee for IAU/I-HOW Radio Astronomy 2023: A Joint Iran and Turkey Hands-on Workshop in Radio Astronomy.

Additionally, readers can hear from Anna Christoforidou, Outreach Manager of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS), and Jan Scharf, IAU-IAPS Liaison Officer, about the IAPS-OAD Partnership in Advancing Astronomy for Mental Health.

These are just some of the highlights from across IAU Scientific Bodies and Offices that are contained in this issue of the IAU Catalyst. The editors would like to thank the more than 25 authors and co-authors who contributed to the 17 articles presented in this edition.

The issue also includes information on IAU publications, dates and deadlines.

The Catalyst is issued twice a year as an electronic-only bulletin. We hope you enjoy reading it and encourage both IAU members and the wider IAU community to get involved in future issues by submitting news and contributions about events or topics that you consider relevant to IAU members.

Previous issues of the IAU Catalyst are also available on the IAU website.

IAU Catalyst 10 (PDF 23 MB)

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  • Invitation to register your project for IAU Pro-Am Research Collaboration (PARC)

To all IAU Individual and Junior Members

The IAU EC pro-am WG is making very good progress with the pro-am research collaboration scheme between the professional (IAU members) community and the amateur community (generally members of astronomical societies).

The scheme was launched several months ago in 2023, and already we have posted about 20 research projects offered by IAU members where assistance from amateur astronomers is needed. These projects are shown on our WG website at

The Pro-Am WG Organizing Committee welcomes new proposals at any time from the IAU professional community for projects where amateur collaboration is being sought.

To submit a new project, please visit the WG website at

John Hearnshaw
For Pro-am WG Organizing Committee


  • Revised IAU Code of Conduct

Dear IAU member,

I write to update you on a revision to the revised IAU Code of Conduct. The IAU Executive Committee has had extensive discussions after the initial revised Code of Conduct was posted. I received about three dozen emails from individuals, invited the IAU Executive Committee Working Groups on Equity and Inclusion and on Women in Astronomy to provide comments and suggest revisions, and talked with many others. Many thanks to all of you who took the time to communicate with the IAU or me directly.

As a result of all the input, both positive and negative, we have revised the Code of Conduct to eliminate wording that was interpreted in a way we did not intend and to emphasize that the policy applies to IAU-related events.

You can read the revised Code of Conduct online: , with the changes in Section 3 on p.6.

Thank you for helping to ensure that we are operating in a way that promotes fair treatment for everyone at our IAU-related activities.

Best wishes,
Debra Elmegreen
IAU President

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  • 2025 IAU Symposia

Dear colleagues,

You are reminded that the deadline for submitting Letters of Intent (LoIs) for 2025 IAU Symposia is the 15th of September. You are advised to read carefully the Rules & Guidelines for IAU Scientific Meetings ( before the preparation of an LoI.

Note that submission of an LoI is not obligatory, but it is strongly recommended. LoIs received by the deadline are posted on the IAU website to facilitate collaboration. The IAU places emphasis on obtaining a balanced program of meetings, scientifically and geographically. Past IAU symposia and future accepted symposia are listed at and, respectively. You may also wish to consult the list of Focus Meetings accepted for next year’s GA at

The IAU looks forward to receiving your LoIs.
Best regards