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FCAG Council has implemented the following admission and permanence policy for those students who enrol on the degree courses offered by FCAG: Graduate Degree Course in Astronomy (Licenciatura en Astronomía) and Graduate Degree Course in Geophysics (Licenciatura en Geofísica). Pursuant to article 20 of Universidad Nacional de La Plata Statutes, admission is free and unrestricted. Therefore, all those who prove that they have completed their secondary school studies or that they meet the requirements stated in Bylaw No. 255 of Universidad Nacional de La Plata will be considered students of this Faculty.

1. Elementary Mathematics Course


The Elementary Mathematics Course always runs in the second semester (from August to November) and is aimed at students who are beginning the Graduate Degree Course in Astronomy or Geophysics the following academic year in March.

It includes theoretical and practical lessons. Attendance is NOT compulsory, although it is recommended that those interested should participate because lessons can greatly assist students in starting their graduate course. The course syllabus is based exclusively on Mathematics from secondary school curriculum and consists of twelve units. Passing the course examinations is NOT an essential requirement to begin a graduate course during the following academic year.


Enrolment on the Elementary Mathematics Course takes place in our Students’ Department (Paseo del Bosque S/N, La Plata B1900FWA, Province of Buenos Aires, opposite the local Natural Science Museum) from Mondays to Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The enrolment period begins in August and it is advisable to enrol as soon as possible.

Enrolment on the Elementary Mathematics Course does NOT entail enrolment on the selected degree course (Astronomy or Geophysics). In fact, the period for enrolling on any of the degree courses officially begins with a resolution from the President of Universidad Nacional de La Plata and usually lasts from mid November to mid December. Elementary Mathematics students MUST enrol on the degree course they would like to attend at FCAG Students’ Department from Mondays to Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. See the required enrolment documentation below.


Elementary Mathematics timetable 2010

Course syllabus (PDF)

Documentation to be presented in order to enrol.


2: Summer Bridging Course


First lesson: Tuesday 1 February 11 a.m.

The Summer Bridging Course runs in February and finishes before the beginning of the academic year. The theoretical and practical lessons are taught from Mondays to Fridays. This bridging course, like the Elementary Mathematics one, is not compulsory. Students are not required to pass the course to start doing the degree course they have chosen. The Summer Bridging Course has the same syllabus and guide of assignments as the Elementary Mathematics Course.


In order to enrol on this bridging course, students must enrol on any of the graduate degree courses of this Faculty during the official university enrolment period, which usually lasts from mid November to mid December. The required documentation must be presented in the Students’ Department. The enrolment on the chosen degree course automatically entails enrolment on the Summer Bridging Course.

FCAG provides students with the “Students’ Advice Programme”, which together with the "Pedagogic Observatory" accompany students during key moments in their learning process and thus help them adapt more successfully to university life.

Admission for adults older than 25 without a secondary school degree

To be admitted to Universidad Nacional de La Plata, those interested must pass an examination of records and another of knowledge and competence.
The enrolment period is from 18 to 31 August. The examinations start on 24 September.

Enrolment for those adults older than 25 who do not have a secondary school degree, who do some activity or practise a trade and who pretend to access any of the degree courses run by Universidad Nacional de La Plata will take place in August.

For more information, click here:

The regulations governing this system of access to Universidad Nacional de La Plata and the required enrolment documentation, examination boards and content, timetables, and other useful information are available in the above address.

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